4 Ideas to Transform Your Balcony into a Paradise

A balcony is a favorite place for many day dreamers; it’s where they can peek at the world from a private perch. However when decorating a home, the balcony/terrace often goes overlooked.

From a home décor enthusiast’s perspective, the terrace or balcony offers a space that’s full of possibilities. 

Here’s 5 interesting ideas to transform the space into a charming and inviting part of your home:

1) Furniture

There's so many ways to make your terrace a comfortable space to lounge. Here’s some simple outdoor furniture you can incorporate into your terrace décor:

▪ Suspended chairs and hammocks

▪ A low wooden charpoy with throw pillows

▪ All weather wicker recliners and foot stools

▪ An alfresco dining table

▪ An aesthetic wall shelf to put trinkets and decorative pieces on display

2) Lighting

The terrace receives the most natural light in your home, but at night it needs a little help. Using the correct lighting for your terrace can transform it into a magical space after the sun sets

▪ Wicker floor lamps with rustic designs.

▪ Suspended Japanese paper lanterns.

▪ Wall suspended lamps that emit a warm glow.

▪ Twinkling LEDs to drape over your plants.

▪ Table tea lights and candle stands.

3) Furniture Arrangement

Create a focal point by arranging furniture in a way that it becomes a cosy spot to relax.

▪ Try and create an arrangement that will kindle conversation when hosting an outdoor dinner party with friends.

▪ If you’ve added a recliner, complement it with an elegant side table to place your iced-tea or book.

▪ When it comes to terrace furniture, the lower the better. It creates a feeling of being in a comfortable and private space.

▪ Avoid clutter at all costs – remember, less is more!

4) Plants & Nature

The terrace or balcony is the ideal space to bring the lushness of nature into your home. If you have a green thumb, you know exactly how relaxing and therapeutic potted plants can feel when incorporated into your décor.

▪ Don’t just restrict plants to large pots in your home – miniature table pots with succulents and herbs also look great.

▪ Use shapely iron stands to raise your pots above the ground, at eye level.

▪ Add a birdhouse to your wall as an ornament – who knows, it might just bring home some feathered friends.

▪ Jars and ornate glass bottles can be used to grow plants that thrive in water.

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