5 Décor Ideas That Make Small Bathrooms Seem Spacious


There’s nothing quite as luxurious as having a swank and spacious bathroom in your home. Unfortunately, that isn’t how it turns out to be for most people. What’s worse is that our choices in bathroom décor may be adding to how congested it looks. 

Here are 5 smart décor ideas to make your small bathroom look spacious.
1. Go big on the mirrors: The key to making your bathroom look spacious is a strategically placed mirror. Get your bathroom at least one big and beautiful mirror that can reflect the light and make your bathroom look like it’s twice its size.
2. Opt for clean tile designs: Bathroom tiles with rich colours and intricate designs sure look beautiful, but if you’re trying to make your bathroom seem more spacious, it’s best to go with simple designs and lighter colours—both for the floor and for the walls.
3. Slide the door open: Instead of opening the door into your bathroom and eating up a whole lot of space, opt for a sliding door to your bathroom. This will clear up a lot of space inside the bathroom.

4. Optimize the storage space: Don’t let all those spaces under the sink, in the shower and above the toilet go to waste. Install shelves, ledges, niches and cabinets to optimize every inch of space available. Things that fit into the corners of your bathroom are even better.

5. Welcome the natural light: If your bathroom has a window that lets in the natural light, place a mirror across from the window to reflect the light. You could also switch up the fabric shower curtain for a see-through one or for a glass panel to prevent blocking the light.
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