5 Home Design Trends That Will Define 2017

 The furniture and accessories in your home may look cool, but are they outdated? Home designs that ruled until 2016, may or may not be in vogue in 2017. Here's a quick glance at the 7 home design trends that will rule 2017 -


1) Charging Docks

No more standing by the charging point in some corner of your home. Smart furniture with charging docks will make a huge difference to the lives of gadget addicts like us.




2) Marble

No other material adds finesse and beauty to homes like marble does. This magnificent stone is all set to remain popular for the coming few years - not just in 2017.




3) Matte appliances

If you thought matte colours were popular among just bike and car lovers, you might be wrong. The trend of using matte appliances is catching up fast for their sophisticated look. 



4) Custom-designed furniture

Space is a luxury and should be used wisely. You will see a lot of homes getting rid of oversized furniture and opting for furniture that is ideally scaled to the space.            


5) The past and the future

Giving your home an entirely antique look is adifficult task. 2017 will see home designers preferring a blend of antique & contemporary decor. This will save time, effort and will make homes more intriguing.  


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