5 Must have home decor items this winter

Come winter and you suddenly get the urge to revamp your living space. The bright cottons are packed away, and are swapped for plush, luxe fabrics that scream “winter is here!”. This chilly season, take cues from the following items on how to add that “quintessential winter zing” to your home, and ring into the cosy season in style.


#1: Velvet cushions


Is anything as royal and winter-y as velvet? The fabric spells luxe and is perfect to drape your cushions and curtains in. Swap summery drapes for this elegant fabric, and see how your living space transforms into a cosy cocoon. Pick shades like berry, plum or burgundy as they’re the perfect shades for this chilly season.


#2: Darker metallic accents


Following up on #1, décor pieces in darker metallic shades lend a modish sheen to the house that summer shades can’t. After all, they create a sense of royalty throughout your living space. Use metallic pots for tiny plants, bronze cups and cutlery, and other tableware that create the ideal sophisticated décor you’re after this winter.


#3: Woolly rugs


Snug, snug! While cold marble flooring can be reserved for hot months, woolly rugs are super comfy to walk on during winter. Get one in a classy neutral shade to keep your feet warm at all times, and add a whole new elegance to the common area.


#4: Scented candles


Aromatherapy is, probably, the easiest way to calm your senses, and scented candles do the trick like no other! Take cues from #2 by getting stylish metallic candle holders, and place the scented candles on them to lend a medieval-chic vibe to your home.


#5: Fairy lights in jars


They’re tried and tested, and nothing can replace them – not for a long, long time. Stock beautiful fairy lights in mason jars, and place them all together on a corner table to make a stunning DIY lamp. During chilly evenings, these lights alone will create the perfect snug ambiance in your living space.

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