5 Quirky Must-Have Decor Items

A house truly comes to life when you personalise it with exquisite furniture and décor items. Instead of opting for traditional furnishings and décor pieces, why not go for something out-of-the-box, quirky and truly unconventional? Not only will that make your home stand out from every other, but it'll also help define it as your very space.


Here are 5 quirky must-have décor items for your home:


1. Vintage ceiling lamps: Every home should be sprinkled with a dose of vintage décor items. Because ceilings are most often ignored when it comes to doing up a house, there’s no better way to do this than to make a statement with a vintage ceiling lamp.


2. Personalized wall art: Skip the regular paintings and photographs for the walls. Pick up pieces of quirky wall art to pin to the wall. A miniature wooden cot or vintage bicycles that go up against the wall make for great décor items. 


3. Statement lighting: Let the lights do the talking. Instead of opting for traditional lamps and light fixtures, go for a statement floor lamp that adds the perfect kind of lighting to your living space and doubles up as a décor item.


4. Wooden frames: Say no to plastic—for the frames around your photographs and artworks. Wooden frames look effortlessly vintage and chic and add a striking vibe to the décor of your home.


5. Bohemian upholstery: Experiment with the upholstery in your living room. Skip the solid colours and traditional patterns. Go for neon colours and quirky prints, patterns and designs for your cushion covers, curtains and upholstery. 


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