5 reasons that makes MyFitBHK the best doorstep service

We all have gotten used to the comfort of online shopping, and doorstep services that you can book online have only made our life more convenient. Well just like you, your home needs grooming from time to time and we know just the right doorstep service for it – MyFitBHK. A comprehensive service that offers features like home repair, interior & space design. 

Here’s what makes it the best doorstep service ever -

Skilled crew works for you –

You don’t have to search for skilled repairmen when you need something fixed. MyFitBHK has a fleet of background verified skilled repairmen who will solve all your home and furnishing problems.   

Three easy steps do the trick –

All it takes to schedule a service appointment is three easy steps. Choose, browse and book. Browse the services, select the type that fits your need and request a booking that will be accepted by our trained repairmen. 

Exclusive introductory offer –

Experience convenience to build up trust. Avail these fabulous services just from Rs.99. Also, you can get a service inspection scheduled just at Rs.99, thanks to the introductory offer. 

Exclusively for home repair services –

MyFitBHK is exclusively designed for home repair services – as a result, the entire team is dedicated to fulfilling the requirements of your lovely home. 

Online Payment accepted

Don’t worry about having cash at hand to pay the repairman! You can pay online at MyFitBHK, so you can pay the exact amount without having through the trouble of finding change. 

Try MyFitBHK now! Schedule a service appointment with on the website. 

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