7 accessories that can instantly lift your home interiors

Ask any interior decorator why accessories are so important, and they'll tell you that it's because accessories highlight, aestentuate and lift up the interiors of a room.

If you're wondering how to pick accessories that truly fit into your interiors, and create vibrancy within your living space, read on.Here are some timeless accessories that add warmth & interest to your interior décor:

1. Flowers

You could say that flowers are nature's choice of accessories to brighten up an environment. Being seasonal and versatile, flowers can be picked based on their size, shape and colour to add a spark of vibrancy to any room.


2. Star Burst Mirrors

Star burst mirrors find their origin the art-décor era of 1920s America. They are a dramatic choice to interiors, and kept above a sofa or bed, add a focal point to a room. Experiment with star-burst inspired accessories like wall clocks and picture frames.


3. Faux horns

Antlers or horns are the perfect accessory to give a room a warm look and cabin-like feel. Antlers, being an interesting choice for wall hangings, pull the eye towards their placement and create a focal point in a room.


4. Bowls & vases

Vases symbolically denote fertility and abundance in a home. Depending on the theme of your interiors, choose a vase in a shape that blends into the modern or rustic aesthetic. What's more, there are so many materials and finishes to choose from like metal, wood, terracotta, stone and more.


5. An Art Wall

Art is a soothing balm for the soul. It relaxes the space in a room and absorbs the interests of guests making them feel welcome. Depending on your taste in art and the theme of your interiors, choose intriguing paintings and place them in a symmetrical grid, to create a wall of art.


6. Branches

Branches and pine cones induce a feeling earthiness within a home. Branches especially, are unique in structure and a certain shape of branch can add a casual feel to your mantle place. Complement rectangular shaped décor or paintings on a wall by placing a branch in the foreground to add an eye catching focal point to the space.


7. Decorative boxes and chest

If the ethnic or antique aesthetic warms the cockles of your heart, then decorative boxes will give your home an extra touch of homeliness. If you have a set of two or more small decorative cases, stack them together on your mantle place or table.

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