7 fun things you should do on weekends

Doesn’t it feel like all your weekends are always over in a flash? The feeling is universal! People all around the world think the weekends should have more days, but until that happens, we’re stuck with just the two. 

It is obvious that you would want to relax and unwind from the grind of work and life and simply sleep or binge watch your favorite TV shows. But if you want your weekends to feel longer, you’ve got to try something new!

Here are a few things that you should definitely try out on your weekends:

Go out and be one with nature

There will always be a nature trail, hilly zones or a rock climbing facility on the outskirts of your city. Pack a lunch, take your friends (or pet) and head out there! There is nothing more rejuvenating than some time under the sun and fresh air. 

What’s more, time outside can help reduce stress and prevent depression.

Volunteer for someone else’s well being

You may not be the trekking and rock-climbing type, but, we all can make a difference to this world by helping those who really need our help and time. 

here are several charities and NGOs which could use your help. You can always donate some money but why not go there and do it yourself? You can teach kids, serve the elders, tend to animals and get some good karma!

Get some live music!

You don’t always have to pick a concert, but there are so many upcoming bands and artists performing at different places in your city. 

You will definitely meet new people, some great new artists and have a good time.

Isn’t laughter the best medicine?

One of the best ways to eradicate your stress is by laughing it out. In all the major metro cities, there’s always an open mic. show where new and famous comedians come to make us laugh.

Well, who knows, if you’ve got a few good jokes up your sleeve, you could be the next star!

Nurture a Hobby

You used to be pretty good at one particular sport, but then your job came by. Fortunately, you can always get back to playing what you like. There are so many sports facilities or sports groups that you can join. Just one hour every Sunday doesn’t sound bad right?

It can even be something like pottery, writing, playing a musical instrument, home brewing, DIY crafts, etc.

Have a Potluck

A Potluck is a fun way of catching up with your friends and family. It’s a gathering where each guest contributes a dish of food, often homemade, to be shared. 

Can’t cook? Get a bottle of wine!  

Go Furniture Shopping

Redecorating is always fun and you don’t even have to do up a whole room! Start with one piece of furniture, perhaps even new cushions and curtains. Redecorating is an instant way to feel rejuvenated at home. 

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