7 Tips to Make Your Home Look Beautiful

Not only is a beautiful home more comfortable, but it’s a matter of pride! Who wouldn’t love to come home to a beautifully-designed space?

Here are some suggestions to spruce up your living space:

Plan your lighting:

A pocket-friendly solution is to use elegant lamps on side tables, or perhaps a statement floor lamp. If you’re looking to splurge or completely install new lighting systems, however, opt for ambient lighting – combining natural light with well-planned lighting sources.

Liven up spaces with flowers:

Perk up your rooms with bouquets of lovely flowers set in unique vases or holders.

Make a statement with art:

Hanging an attractive painting on the wall is a great way to draw attention and make a statement.

Use glass-top tables for the illusion of space:

Use glass-top tables in small spaces to make the room look uncluttered and spacious.

Plan furniture around a theme:

5. Plan furniture around a theme: Choose furniture that completes the look of your room. It should all be centred around one theme – modernistic, rustic or contemporary, for example. If you’re looking for a quick makeover, go for multi-purpose pieces like a storage ottoman, coffee table with shelves, etc.

Use statement pillows:

Add personality to neutral sofas by adding brightly coloured throw pillows.

Or statement curtains:

Opt for rich material like silk for an upscale look, or printed material to add character! However, make sure it matches your décor theme.

Here’s to a beautiful and attractive home!

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