An Introduction to the 7 Most Common Sofa Styles

Sofa styles have evolved over the years. Its uses are numerous - you can have a glamorous piece that instantly changes the look of your living room or you can have a cosy seat which can also serve as a reading nook. So if you're about to go sofa shopping in the near future, take a look at the seven most common sofa styles and pick one which suits your needs.


Generally made out of leather, chesterfield comes with a tufted appearance, stud detailing and scrolled arms. These sofas go well with classic as well as contemporary settings. As chesterfield sofas take a lot of space, they are not suited to bedrooms and small living rooms.

Club Sofa

The club sofa features a deep seat, slightly rounded back cushions and low arms. The turned legs of the sofas give them a classic touch. Club sofas are ideal for both small and large spaces. However, they may look out of place in a high-ceilinged room.


Having a rectangular shape and a clean-cut design, the Tuxedo is equivalent to the chesterfield. Just like the chesterfield, the arms are the same height, and it has a tufted element, either on the arms, back, or seat.


The sofa gets its name from the curves or humps in its back. It is completely upholstered, with a stiff back, high rolled arms and exposed legs.


A highly favoured American design, the Lawson sofa ranks high in comfort. The back pillows and seats of the sofa are separate from the frame. The arms are set low and the feet are short and mostly covered.


Usually upholstered, a sectional sofa is made up of several sections, which can be arranged and rearranged at your will. The best part about it is that it can be as big, or as small as you want it to be, usually depending on the size of your living room. You can move the pieces any time you wish to change the look of the room. These sofas are usually L-shaped or U-shaped.


A sleeker variant of the camelback sofa, the cabriole has an exposed wooden frame which extends from the back to the arms. The back cushions are integrated into the frame, while the seat cushion can be removed.

So there you are! Happy Shopping!

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