Design Tips for Flexible Space

We all want a little more space when it comes to our homes. However, with cities continuing to expand and becoming more crowded, living spaces are becoming smaller. And making the most out of a small apartment has become a challenge.Fortunately, there are various ways of transforming interiors that turn small living spaces into airy, spacious and functional homes. 

Flexible spaces are set to be the new norm in interior designing. These spaces are rooms that serve more than one purpose and create more space.

If you want flexible spaces in your home, try these easy tricks and maximize your square footage:-


To create flexible spaces, declutter and get rid of everything that is not required.

Choose Flexible Furniture

You can use furniture that can take up more or less space as per your requirements. For example, dining tables with an extendable top or with stools that fit in under it are a great space-saving mechanism.

Choose Furniture that Serves Multiple Roles

Choose furniture that can serve multiple roles. For example, furniture with built-in storage such as ottomans and more are perfect for flexible spaces.

Store it Right

Good storage can transform the look of your home and create additional space. One option is to create floor-to-ceiling shelving or shelving in smart places like under your coffee table or over your sink. Utilize hidden spaces such as the space above or behind a door by building shelves or cabinets.

Use Partitions

You can use movable partitions such as bi-folding doors in between multi-functional spaces. They will divide and open up space as and when it’s needed. Creating a home that has flexible living spaces can help you in many ways as your life evolves and changes. Such spaces are a must in good home designs, not just in small apartments.

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