How to buy the sofa your home will love!

Maybe you’re reading this while enjoying a sweet spot on your present couch. For most people (like Sheldon Cooper from the TV show Big Bang Theory), your spot on the couch is your favourite personal seat – one that you’re not going to give away to anyone in your home.

Finding a sofa that your home will love (with a plush and soft feel) is not as hard as you think.


Just follow these simple thumb rules to find the right sofa set for your living room:


Don’t get framed

The backbone of any strong piece of furniture is the frame. Don’t be fooled by cushions and upholstery alone, a good sofa is fabric deep, so ask questions about the materials used to build the frame.

Hardwood like oak, ash or beech is recommended, stay clear from plywood, particle board or softwood like pine if you want a couch that will retain its pomp for years.


Look at the legs

Considering the entire weight of a sofa rests on its legs, it’s the first place to look when choosing a sturdy sofa or any piece of furniture. The legs of a sofa should be held onto the frame my screws or pegs, not just glue. What’s more, the legs of a sofa should be evenly spaced so that weight is distributed equally along the frame.

Another thing to keep in mind in the case of any sofa or couch is, the more number of legs the better.


Spring at asking questions

The cushion and support that a couch offers in directly dependent on the springs that hold the seating together. Most couches use two kinds of spring systems.


1) Serpentine springs This is the kind of spring that is in the most recognizable shape, curled and spiral. Serpentine springs work great but should be of a strong metal that won’t change in shape after a few years.


2) Hand-tied springs Hand-tied springs are the best kind of spring system that a sofa can have. It’s designed to absorb weight and give an even better seating experience for years.

Hand-tied spring sofas are a little more expensive than serpentine spring sofas, but comfort doesn’t come cheap, and it’s well worth the price!


Durable Fabric

Considering you’ve bought a sofa that you absolutely love, you’ll be sitting on it a lot! Pick a sofa with durable and snag free fabrics that are easy to wipe clean, and won’t get damaged easily by sharp objects on your clothing (like a zipper).

Cotton and linen are all-time favourites, but synthetic microfiber is a real winner. It’s stain resistant, easy to clean and soft to the touch. What more could you want?!


We hope these tips and tricks to spotting the couch your home will love will be inspiration enough to find the sofa you’ll fall in love with at first sight.


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