How to protect your outdoor furniture from being weather-beaten

Whether it’s a patio or a backyard, furniture adds a whole new dimension to the entire outdoor space. Unfortunately, that also means that it’s prone to air damage. The change in weather can severely affect the quality of your furniture, which is why, you must constantly rework on it to keep it at its prime – always.


Take note of the following pointers to ensure that your outdoor furniture always looks as good as new, no matter the weather:


#1: Protect it from the sun


Direct sunlight is the enemy of any kind of furniture – be it plastic, iron, or wood. While it may sound absurd to block the sunlight from entering your outdoor space altogether, you can always install a shade where you can place your chairs, tables or swings. This way, the harmful rays of the sun don’t ruin the quality of your furniture, and you are able to elongate its life span too.


#2: Use paint and varnish


When it comes to wooden furniture, painting can take away the original colour of the wood. However, it will also reflect the UV rays from the sun and protect the wood underneath. Pick latex or oil paints, depending upon the furniture, and you’ll be able to keep chipping, peeling and fading away from a long time.


#3: Keep covers handy


Is it too windy in the area you live? Or, does it rain quite often? In both cases, keep furniture covers handy that you can instantly place on your furniture to prevent it from a storm or untimely dust. You can also measure the sizes and make customized covers for the furniture that don’t compromise on the trend quo.


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