Ishanya Mall: Unlike Any Regular Shopping Mall You've Seen

What do you imagine when you think of a shopping mall? Endless rows of shops selling all kinds of things that you may or may not need? Shopping malls have become boringly predictable. And that’s where Ishanya Mall comes in.


As India’s very first and largest revolutionary concept mall for home interiors and design, Ishanya Mall is a shopping mall like no other. Ishanya Mall is an exquisite furniture mall in Pune, but there’s much more than that on offer.  


Here are some ways in which Ishanya Mall truly stands out as the top mall in Pune:


1.     India’s first concept mall: As India’s 1st and largest revolutionary concept mall for furniture, design and home interiors and design, Ishanya Mall houses an assortment of over 50 internationally established premier home and interiors brands. Some of these exclusive brands include:

·      Houslife

·      HomeTown

·      blueFROG

·      Rawat Kitchens

·      Masper

·      Natural Living

·      Accessories

·      Ashley Furniture HomeStore- America's #1 Furniture Retailer


2.     A unique and holistic entertainment experience: Spread across an impressive area of 13,000 sq. m., Ishanya Mall offers you a truly unique and comprehensive home décor shopping experience. The shopping component is complemented by an excellent selection of food, music and entertainment options. Unwind after a long day of shopping at a fine selection of entertainment hubs at Ishanya. Enjoy freshly brewed, chilled beer at Pubtown, premier live music performances at blueFROG, and treat your taste buds to gourmet food at Food Street. From home décor, renovation ideas and design inspiration, to exclusive entertainment options, you will literally find it all under one roof at Ishanya Mall.


3.     The stage for India’s leading events: Ishanya Mall serves as the perfect meeting place for corporate and social events for the purpose of interacting and exchanging pioneering ideas. Additionally, the Tilting Art Gallery (TAG) at Ishanya Mall serves as a veritable platform for upcoming artists entrepreneurs. The mall also plays host many different kinds of cultural programmes, lifestyle events and arts and crafts exhibitions.


For the best furniture shops in Pune and much more, visit Ishanya Mall.

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