New Year Home Resolutions Worth Making

The New Year is that time of the year when we resolve to do many things newly and creatively to ensure a better way of life. As we busy ourselves with the endeavour to refine our lives, we often neglect our homes and continue to live in cluttered and unkempt spaces. This New Year, let’s resolve to make our home a better place so that we can truly start leading a healthier and happier life.


Here are a few New Year home resolutions worth making:


1.     Make it comfortable: It's important to decorate our homes with furniture that reflects our aesthetic sensibilities, but at the same time, we must ensure that there are enough comfortable spaces where we can de-stress and relax after a long day. This New Year, invest in furniture and entertainment options that make your home the best place to unwind. A plush reading chair, a lounge bed or a luxurious couch, are some options you could consider.  


2.     Prioritize your safety: While you’re busy organizing and beautifying your home, it’s essential to pay attention to its safety. Let this year be the one when you take all the necessary measures to make your home as safe and secure as you can. If you don’t have home insurance yet, make it your top priority.


3.     Spring clean round the year: You don’t have to wait until spring to ‘spring clean’. Purge your home of unnecessary items every month to keep things organized and your home de-cluttered. You could sort out the house section by section every month and donate, recycle or trash what you don’t need. Invest in furniture that offers storage options best suited for your home. A chest of drawers, for example, is a timeless piece in terms of form and functionality. 


4.     Purify the air: With the growing levels of air pollution in the cities, you may want to consider investing in air purifiers. We have adopted water purification as a way of life, and we may soon have to do that with the air as well—so it might be a good idea to get an early start.


5.     Go green and save more: It’s more important now than ever to adopt ways of sustainable living. This year, let's resolve to go green by saving more energy (we can start with something simple like energy-saving lights and appliances) and conserving water. Not only is this great for the environment, but it also lowers the bills. Other ways in which you can embrace sustainable living is by purchasing furniture that is made with recycled material. 


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