Paint Your Walls In The Shades Of Winter!

Refurbishing your home in keeping with the imminent winter season has a joy of its own. One of the best ways to prep your home interiors for the winter months is by painting your walls in the lovely warm shades that are apt for the season.  


Think beyond the traditional white walls and bring your home to life this winter. Here are some colour themes that can you can work with:


1.     Royal shades: A luxurious blend of colours such as deep blue and royal purple can add the much-needed richness and warmth to your walls this winter.


2.     Earthy tones: Colours such as soft brown, rich chocolate brown and khaki work wonderfully for the winter months. They add a chic, classy and contemporary edge to the interiors of your home.


3.     Fresh greens: Vibrant, leafy shades such as forest green, bottle green and shades of blue can revive your walls and the interiors of your home this winter. These colours also work as a refreshing antidote to the cold months.


4.     Classic neutrals: The classic neutral shades, such as pastels and neutral browns can work for your walls across all seasons and provide a refreshing alternative to the bland whites.


5.     Rich reds: You could also paint certain sections of your walls in rich and bright shades such as burnt orange or royal red for an interesting spin on your interiors.



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