The basics of Feng Shui for your home

For the unacquainted, Feng Shui is a Chinese school of aesthetic that harmonizes a space by balancing the five elements – or the invisible forces that govern our life and state of mind.

The five elements in Feng Shui are:


Governed by the colours green and brown, wood is an element that brings natural abundance to a home. It’s pleasing aesthetic can be incorporated using plants, furniture and statues. Lucky bamboo, crassula plant and fleshy leafed succulents are good plants to grow in Feng Shui.


Fire is an intense element in Feng Shui that is governed by the colours red, bright yellow, orange and purple. Balancing the fire element in a home bestows it with vitality, passion and strength. Candles, incense burners, lamps and chandeliers bring out the fire element in your home.


Earth in Feng Shui corresponds with the colours brown, sandy yellow and fawn. The earth element is closely associated with mental balance, and influences the energy of nourishment, stability and calm within a living space. This can be done by choosing dense heavy furniture made from hardwoods like rosewood, birch and oak. .


The Feng Shui element metal is incorporated within a living space by using the rounded and oval aesthetic. Metal in Feng Shui corresponds with the colours white, grey and ash. The metal element can be added to your home with accessories like star-burst mirrors, vases and picture frames.


Water in ancient Feng Shui is an element that symbolizes and influences wealth and prosperity. Water corresponds with the colours blue and black and can be incorporating within a living space using fountains and ponds for good energy within a home.

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