A day at Ishanya Mall

25 Nov 2017
Ishanya mall has always been about meeting & exceeding your expectations. The mall is India's 1st & largest revolutionary concept mall for home interiors & design. Built across a whopping 13,000 sq. m Ishanya mall is home to more than 50 internationally-established home interior brands, food and entertainment brands.
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3 Reasons Why Ishanya Is Different From Any Other Mall

16 Nov 2017
When you think of a shopping mall, perhaps you think of rows and floors of stores that are selling an overwhelming large number of items that you may or may not want to buy. But when it comes to Ishanya Mall, things are quite different. India’s 1st and largest revolutionary concept mall for home interiors and design, Ishanya Mall meets and exceeds your expectations in more ways than one.
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5 Must have home decor items this winter

08 Nov 2017
Come winter and you suddenly get the urge to revamp your living space. The bright cottons are packed away, and are swapped for plush, luxe fabrics that scream “winter is here!”. This chilly season, take cues from the following items on how to add that “quintessential winter zing” to your home, and ring into the cosy season in style.
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How to protect your outdoor furniture from being weather-beaten

29 Oct 2017
Whether it’s a patio or a backyard, furniture adds a whole new dimension to the entire outdoor space. Unfortunately, that also means that it’s prone to air damage. The change in weather can severely affect the quality of your furniture, which is why, you must constantly rework on it to keep it at its prime – always.
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4 fun furniture items your kids will love

26 Oct 2017
Your little one is growing up fast and their needs for quality furniture too. The trick to buying good furniture for your kids to find ones that would capture your child’s imagination, be of good quality and one that would suit your kid’s needs as they grow up. Here are 5 furniture items that your kids and you will love!
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Paint Your Walls In The Shades Of Winter!

16 Oct 2017
Refurbishing your home in keeping with the imminent winter season has a joy of its own. One of the best ways to prep your home interiors for the winter months is by painting your walls in the lovely warm shades that are apt for the season.
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5 Quirky Must-Have Decor Items

21 Sep 2017
A house truly comes to life when you personalise it with exquisite furniture and décor items. Instead of opting for traditional furnishings and décor pieces, why not go for something out-of-the-box, quirky and truly unconventional? Not only will that make your home stand out from every other, but it'll also help define it as your very space. Here are 5 quirky must-have décor items for your home:
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Guide To Buying Furniture For Your New Home

17 Sep 2017
Buying furniture for your new home can be an exciting prospect, but with the range of choices available out there, it can quickly become tricky and confusing. Here’s a guide to help you buy the right kind of furniture for your new home.
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Know The Difference: Renovation Vs. Remodelling

06 Sep 2017
When you’re in the process of giving your home a facelift, then it always helps to know the difference between ‘renovation’ and ‘remodelling’. Although the two terms are commonly used interchangeably, they mean very different things. Assessing the needs of your home will help you decide whether your home needs renovation or remodelling.
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5 Places In Pune You Must Visit With Your Gang

28 Aug 2017
Pune is hailed is one of India’s most lively cities, with all kinds of things happening around the city. Because of its many educational institutions and IT startups, Pune has an eclectic young population. If you find yourself in Pune and want to explore the best of the city with your friends, these are the top 5 areas in the city that you should check out.
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